Template Maker: We have been in the template making business since 1985, creating a new product niche for plastic templates in the advertising specialty industry. Over the years we have updated our production processes and have sourced state of the art materials. This gives us quicker turnaround time and a superior product. Today we are the number one plastic template producer in the USA and we export throughout the world. Tags: template, template maker, templatemaker, templates maker, template makers, plastic templates, templates, template fabrication, template manufacturing, templates manufacturing, template manufacturer, templates manufacturer, plastic, cnc, CNC, template machines, template making, template services, machinery, tooling, grinding machines, saw sharpening machines, equipment, computer-aided design, CNC equipment, CNC machines, three axis, architecture, manufacturing, industrial equipment


Custom templates are unique visual promotional items that can be customized for any industry. They can be used in house as helpful tools and educational pieces, or as giveaways and customer premiums. Because they are unique and useful they will be valued and will keep your name in front of your customers.

Plastic Template
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Roof Pitch Guide

Roof Pitch Guide Template


Quoting a roofing project is easy when you site through this transparent guide to a roof to determine roof pitch. Simply match up the proper angle on the tool with the actual roof. It not only displays the degree of pitch, but calculates the amount of materials needed. Contractors, building material suppliers and roofers will find this tool very handy.

Tags: engineer, architect, contruction, template, plastic, imprint, logo, measure, roof, pitch, guide, calculator, printing, custom, promotional, promote

Product Size
6" x 3.75" x .030"
Product Imprint Area
2" x 2"

  • Pricing:
    Based on (R)
  • $2.64
    (Qty: 250)
  • $1.71
    (Qty: 500)
  • $1.36
    (Qty: 1000)
  • $1.14
    (Qty: 2500)
  • $1.05
    (Qty: 5000)

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